Domestic Airport Process – Step by step

Domestic Airport Process – Step by step

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So today i share my experience of Domestics Airport and i share my experience with you. before get into the blog, i request you you consider subscribe. This is my first time flying with indiGo, before i never seat in flight. so here domestic airport process step by step. i share my experience while i travel from Mumbai to Baroda.

Step 1: Before 2 to 3 hours of take off

Yes, whenever you fly, try to come early like two hours because some process which i explain you in this blog. Check you gate number in ticket like 1 or 2 and which terminal domestic or international.

Step 2: Document Check Process

Make sure you come with your identity proof which issued by government like Aadhar card, Passport. (Note: Pan Card is not valid)

Step 3: Check-in Process

Two types of check-in process available on airport. One is On counter (Recommended for first time flyer) and second is Self check-in process. i use self check-in process. i explain you in later this blog. On counter first you check which flight through you travel like Indigo, Air India etc. I fly with IndiGo6E. Go to your check-in counter and get boarding pass.

Self Check-in Process

Self check-in process, follow above steps

Step 4: After Check-in, Going to boarding gate

After check-in you go to the boarding gate but before going to boarding gate they check you and your bags so make sure you co-operate with staff i mean security check officers (Police). After successfully security check wait for open boarding gate. when gate open go to the boarding counter and ask for windows seats if you are going for first time. In my case i am so lucky because they give me window seat.

Now all set to fly

Now you are all sat to fly your dream destination. make sure follow all instructions.


Tip No. 1: come before 1 to 2 hours.

Tip No. 2: Come with identity proof whcih issued by government.

Tip No. 3: Check bags weight for Hand Bag 7kg and checked bag 15kg in IndiGo.

Ok. NOw everything is fine. Happy and Safe journey.

Thank for reading blog.

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